Saturday, August 6, 2011

This Week 7/31-8/6

The following are blogs/aritcles I found especially helpful this week.

On QUERIES (I can never read enough tips myself). - Query Writing, a guide for the anxious by Sarah @ Greenhouse Literary Agency. Query writing by Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent. And what definitely not to do if you want to land an Agent by Janet Reid (Query Shark) Red Flags in the Query Hoard

Writing Tips (I can't get enough of these either) - Describing appearance: moving beyond hair and eye color by Author Jody Headlund.

Why are so many writers plagued with insecurities?  Author Jody Headlund explains how insecurities plague writers/authors at every stage of their careers. (So it's not just the unpublished).

This is a blog by Author CJ Redwine that I found inspirational, You're kind of a big deal

Thoughts on making it big, written by a literary intern. I found this extremely insightful and wondered it this isn't exactly what's going on with authors Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins right now. (It's a bit lengthy but so worth the read).

What is high concept? Some agents say they only want this. I'd read tid-bits here and there wondering exactly what the definition was but never got a clear answer. Here in her video blog, Rachelle Gardner, explains it perfectly.

And finally a terrific new blog for writers called The wordserve water cooler  by Authors all represented by Rachelle Gardner.

Tips for landing an agent from The WordServe Water cooler,  in other words authors who've been there.

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