Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bye-bye Borders

It's kind of old news now but it's kind of a bummer that Borders is going out of business. My heart really goes out to the employees, I hope everyone is able to find another job ( I know it's a stretch but there's nothing wrong with hoping for the best).

One good thing that has come from their liquidation is that my personal library has radically improved. Check out my great buys.

In the 1st picture I bought $100 worth of books for $27 (4 hard backs). In the 2nd I spent like $21 (2 hardbacks ~ not sure how much I saved). All the red stickers were 10% off.

Now, in the 3rd pic, 3 of the 4 were originally $17.99 and the other was $16.99. I got them at 25% off so I got $80 worth of books for $53 ~ not too shabby. Cheaper than Wal-Mart or Target and they're all hardbacks and books I really wanted. (side note- I bought the last Wildefire and Shiver in the store, yay for me!)

I will go back and hit them at least one more time in hope that I can score decent prices on Longer & Forever (sequels to Shiver) and there are a couple of other old school books I want. They were out of Divergents so I will have to go somewhere to grab that up.

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