Monday, October 31, 2011

Facing our Fears

So tomorrow, it the official start day for Nano (or tonight at midnight rather). It's my first time and I'm a little freaked out but I'm keeping it together. (If you're doing it, look me up - Scribbling Scarlet) I've got lots of great cheerleaders. But all this first time Nano business has got me thinking about people who don't give things a try because they're afraid.

Now, I'll admit, there are great opportunities I probably passed up because I was afraid. Afraid I wouldn't succeed. Afraid I'd make a fool of myself. But it usually always comes down to afraid of failure. I do know one thing though, we definitely won't succeed if we don't try. 

So I'm psyching myself up. Why can't I complete Nano? Thousands of other people have that probably started with the same outlook. So I say, "Lets do this!" Am I still afraid? Sure, but I'm willing it take it on and give it my best shot. Is it possible I won't complete? Yes, there's always a possibility but if I don't I still will have walked away learning valuable lessons and tips for next year. I think Eleanor Roosevelt said it best when she said...
So for those of you doing Nano for the first time or anything you're afraid of for that matter, writing your first book, entering your work in a contest, giving a critique partner your work for the first time ( I am not looking forward to that-but I'm going to do it!) Go for it. Do it. Do it afraid. Regardless of the outcome you will be better for it and you definitely won't succeed if you don't give it a shot.

So good luck!!!

And if you need some music to help get you psyched, this is a good one.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Has music inspired you?

How deeply are you affected by music?  I, for one, am.

The right song can lift me up or bring me down (which I don't prefer but it happens). It can transport me to anytime or place; one year ago to a girls night out, five years to a summer vacation, ten years ago to a New Years party. We associate music with people, places, emotions, objects. It's quite powerful. Music can even drown out my worries and inspire characters and scenes in my writing.

There's one scene I wrote in my current WIP, the final scene to be exact, that was inspired by a song. I swear I must have had that song on repeat for thirty straight minutes until it was complete (and I never tired of it ~ I still love that song). That song kept me completely enveloped in the mood of the that moment.

I love music. Even as I type this I have Florence and the Machine flowing through my ear buds feeding my brain. Most of the time I prefer soundtracks. I'm not sure if thats because of how the combination of songs placed strategically thought out a movie reaches me on a deeper level but whatever the reason I tend to favor them.

My most recent soundtrack? probably SuckerPunch but I'm planing on getting the sound track to Hanna ~ that was awesome. 

Apparently I am not the only one. Here are some tweets from some well known YA authors I saved to show what I'm talking about.

 Veronica Roth author of Divergent (read and highly recommend) , Tahereh Mafi author of Shatter Me (Waiting {waiting!!!} for it to hit shelves) and Myra McEntire author of Hourglass (read and highly recommend) also make it known in these tweets they are also affected by music.

So what about you? Has music inspired you? What song has most recently spoke to you?

Heres my most recent <3... by Foster the People called Call it what you want. ~ Enjoy!


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