Current WIP ~ The Divine

The Divine-devins-guérisseurs  is YA paranormal romance. It is in the revision process.  .

Here's a bit of a raw blurb.

The women in Emelia’s family have always had an alluring power. Power deeper than beauty and strong enough to drive men mad but Emelia doesn’t know that.

At home Emelia Montgomery is the sun in her universe. Her boyfriend and friends are all too happy to stay in her gravitational pull but it’s not her beauty or kindness that keeps them there but she doesn’t know that either.

This summer when she receives an invitation to stay with a distant Aunt, Em’s eyes will be opened as she learns answers to things she’s never questioned.  There Em finds what made her loved at home will now repel what she desires most.
What was supposed to be a fun summer away from home has now quickly turned to a life decision between the family way and the guy she's falling for. A guy who hates what her family is. 

First 250-ish words as of 4/12/17

                                                             Chapter 1

Duffle bags and suitcases drifted down the chute snaking their way around the carousel.  Em’s eyes darted between the feed of luggage and the baggage claim area, searching for someone who, hopefully, was searching for her.
      The flow of soft earth-toned suit cases had nearly ceased when her mother’s oversized charcoal Samsonite finally appeared. One of its two handles decorated with the teal ribbon tied that morning. Vivian's idea. While most of the other bags glided with ease down the aluminum ramp hers slid with snail-like speed giving some indication to the amount of clothes it contained. It had taken both Vivian and Em’s weight to zip it shut and Frank to lift it on the scale during her check-in. 
     As it came to a stop at the lip of the carousel, before being shuffled in with the others on rotation, it occurred to Em that it was now up to her to retrieve it. She took a step forward,  tightened the green hoodie tied around her waist, and propped one flip-flopped foot on the edge of the carousel for leverage. As it slowly inched forward Em planted herself in place and reached for the ribbon embellished handle.
     One solid tug from Em and the suit case was only half way off the carrousel. Instead of landing on the floor, as planned, it was now tugging her along as she skied across the glossy concrete floor. Em gave another sharp yank and the suit case tumbled to the floor with a thud with Em landing on top of it minus a flip-flop. 

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