Sunday, April 17, 2011

My brain is empty tonight. For once I didn't start a blog with "So". Pat on the back to me. It is though, empty. I can't think of a single thing. Actually that's not true. The thought just crossed my mind yet again that I have no education. That I'm trying to "run with the big dogs". Now, granted, I'm not actually trying to run with the big dogs quite yet, I haven't even left the porch. I was watching Harry Potter today and the half-blood prince and I decided to look up JK Rowling on Wiki. Here I'd always heard of how she went from living in her car to being a millionaire all with in five years but when I look up her history,  there's a lot more to her story. She went to college or a "university" as they like to call them in Britain. She was a teacher and she was actually going back to school. I bet writing came easy to her. I bet she didn't struggle with spending half and hour to write the perfect sentence. I can't remember the exact time but I believe she banged out all seven books in less that ten years. Amazing and intimidating. I'm not ever usually on a soap box but I figure if this is my private blog I can certainly whine all I want.

Anyway, for some strange reason I'm not in the mood to write tonight. I know it takes me a while to get into the zone but my heads not in it tonight so I decided to blog instead. I'm looking into getting a new book to read. I think I've found one but it's not to be released until April 26th so I'll be waiting. The one thing I have a problem with reading while I'm writing is I don't what to be reading a book and have it worm it's way or it's story into my story. Or what about the type of book? What if it puts me in to an "action" type zone and then I take my story in that direction and it doesn't fit with the rest? I'm also afraid that reading someone Else's best seller will  intimidate me while I'm writing. Intimidated enough to make me give up. I don't know. It's just another one of my struggles.  Anyway, I'm tired tonight so I think I'll give into my body and call it a night.

next time.

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