Monday, April 18, 2011

Taking a break.

What to write? I don't do this daily as I'm supposed to but tonight of all nights I am forcing my self. Mostly because I'm burned out on writing for the moment. I need to read a good book but I have none on hand. Well, none that I haven't read recently. I haven't had time to stop anywhere to look for something either. I went shopping last week and stopped by some best sellers but nothing jumped out at me. Absolutely everything is about vampires and as big of a fan as I am, I'm burned out on those as well.

A new story idea popped into my head tonight but to be honest I'm not actually too excited about it at the moment. I think that comes from the burnt out place that I'm in. Can't write about it here...

What to do??????

I'm amazed at how few original stories there are these days. Of course most of what I have to go by is movies. It's easier than reading about every new book that comes out. Most of everything is a remake of some sort. Depressing really. The same goes for music. Love stories are all about the love triangles and the ungettable gets or about sex. All similar.

I wonder where Lewis Carol came up with the idea for Alice in Wonderland? brilliant. Or how did Jane Austen steal our hearts with all her love stories? I know they had to experience it to some degree or at least witness it from a distance. I need to free my head. My story doesn't excite me anymore. Hopefully it's just a phase. What will be will be.

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