Saturday, May 14, 2011

My hiatus

Does everyone get so burned out when they're writing that they go a week or so where they don't want to even think about writing? Because that's how I've been this past week. I've taken a week's "hiatus" if you will. I hadn't even been in the mood to blogt. It's like I went two straight weeks of thinking and breathing my story every minute of the day that I just burned myself out. I would wake up in the middle of the night and when I'd try to fall back asleep I was thinking about my book, it had completely taken over my life. I was taking every spare moment of my time and putting it towards my book to think, write, edit. In the mean time I read about a fifteen and twenty-two year old who've had books published and that was a little discouraging. It doesn't help that when I reread what I've wrote other than the dialogue I'm not loving my writing, is that normal? Am I trying too hard? Have I not found my style? I even hate rereading my blogs where all I seem to be doing is complain. I mean, granted, I'm not doing it to another person only here, but I hate listening to others whine and complain. Maybe it has something to do with it just not being up to my standards. Even back when I used to draw most of the time I wouldn't finish because I was disgusted with my work it wouldn't turn out anything like I wanted. So maybe that's the problem I have with my writing. Also I can't seem to get it to flow. I know what I see but I'm still having trouble putting it into words that flow on paper like music. I think that has to do with lack of education. I've search for tips on line for writing fiction in third person limited but I haven't really found anything useful other than finding out Harry Potter was written in third person limited. So at least that's a book I can kind of study and use as a guide. I try to remind my self that it's not good writing that makes a story good it's good editing. I guess I should stop worrying about all the spelling and grammar and what not and just get the story down. If I accomplish nothing else in life (not counting raising children) please God let me finish this book.

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